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Sound Activated or Automatic: That Is The Question..

Light up t-shirts fall into two separate categories: sound-activated and automatic flashing. Here is a breakdown so you can better understand each product and discover which shirt is best suited for your next excursion.

Sound Activated T-Shirts

Light Up Pattern: Similar to an equalizer, the t-shirt’s panel will light up in a unique pattern based on your background music/sound.

5 Glow In The Dark Activities (That Are Really Fun)

Here at Flashion Statement, we love having fun and staying active. We try to incorporate fun into everything we do. One sure fire way to make this happen is to turn on the black light. All of these activities are great as is, but doing it in the dark makes it even more exhilarating. Check out our list below for our top 5 glow in the dark activities.

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