What is Electroluminescence (El)?

Have you ever wondered how our shirts light up? The technology behind our illuminated shirts is called “electroluminescence” or EL. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s a lot less scarier than it sounds. EL devices are lamps, but not in the traditional sense. Incandescent light bulbs found in your ordinary house lamp creates light through heating a filament.  EL, on the other hand, uses phosphorescent materials that glow when exposed to a small electrical current. In layman's terms, when connected to a power source, EL releases energy in the form of photons ... Read More

PVD Hoot Is Making A (Flashion) Statement

Party Shirt
Our friends at PVD Hoot (a new Open Mic organization) are hosting their first ever Halloween Hootenanny Open Mic Night at Anchor in Providence, Rhode Island. This is the group’s inaugural event - a perfect chance to bring musicians and spectators together under one roof for an evening of good tunes, food and beer in good company. But anyone can host an open mic, and PVD Hoot recognizes this inevitable truth. So they’ve come to us with ideas on how to conquer this evening together to make a lasting statement - a way to ... Read More

Halloween Light Up Gear

Superman Costume

Light up The Night This Halloween You can create your own graphic which we’ll convert into a light-up shirt for you. The best part? We work on it with you at every step to make something spectacular and there’s no minimum order. Picture your kids and their friends this Halloween night as the center of attention, each wearing a LED shirt that proves to be the most popular and creative Halloween costume on the block. It’s difficult enough to find a “cool” Halloween costume, especially with the vastly different tastes of … Read More