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 Who We Are 

In 2011, we started Flashion Statement out of our college dorm room with the idea to reinvent one of the best marketing tools around, the t-shirt. Inspired by innovation, creativity, and living life on our own terms, we bootstrapped the business, fine tuning our products

These products are powerful, and we want to use them to make a positive impact throughout the world. We are proud to have made dynamic, eye-catching products for hundreds of companies and individuals around the world who, like us, dare to disrupt the norm.

Co-Founders Andrea Miller & Rebecca Winslow

Customer Service

Our team will guide you throughout the whole process, beginning with an animated mock up visual of your light up product. We are attentive to your questions, and provide innumerable resources to help you better understand the technology used in our products. We aim to create the best possible experience for our clients.

Product Development

Throughout our 8+ years in business, we have refined our products to continually create the best possible user experience. We have improved upon the battery pack style and lifespan, as well as created special tailoring for our garments. We are continuing to add new, creative products after thorough testing and redevelopments.

To quality

All of our light up products undergo rigorous testing before being shipped out to our clients. Through our years of experience, we are well-versed in potential problems that may arise, and have developed a strict quality control process to individually test each item in your order.  We are proud to offer a warranty on these products.

Why us

Think. Do. Deliver.

We make cool things

We love what we do

we deliver High quality products

We love our clients

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 5:00 PM (EST)
Saturday: Closed (Email & Chat Only)
Sunday: Closed (Email & Chat Only)

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Phone: 855-523-5274
Email: sales@flashionstatement.com

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