LED Champagne Glasses (6-pack)

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These cool LED champagne flutes are liquid activated. When a drink is poured into the glass, the lights will illuminate the glass fully including the drink inside. The LED lights will turn off when there is no more liquid in the cup. The perfect excuse for another refill! Makes an awesomely unique party favor or decoration for special events, weddings, birthdays and more.

  • Comes in 6-pack of glasses with different LED colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Pink
  • Made of durable, shatter-proof, food grade PVC plastic
  • Easy to wash & reuse for multiple events (waterproof design)
  • Built in battery – can last up to 50 hours
  • Brings your party to the next level 🥂✨

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LED Champagne Flutes

Our LED Champagne Glasses make the perfect addition to any party, night club, bar, or special event! Make jaws drop as you pour liquid into the glass and it starts illuminating brightly.

  • Drink Activated: Champagne flute only lights up when filled
  • Each champagne flute can hold 180 ml of liquid
  • Made of FDA compliant food grade materials
  • Product dimensions: 2.55” wide x 7.2” tall
  • Comes in 6 pack of different color LED champagne flutes
  • Built in button battery with drink sensor (waterproof)
  • Battery life 24-50 hours of nonstop use - NOT replaceable
  • Interactive fun for parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, & any special event

Additional Info

Food-grade PVC Plastic, Button Battery with Drink Sensor

LED Color Options

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink

Lighting Options

Liquid activated


Each glass 7.2" tall x 2.5" wide, Liquid capacity 180 ml

Battery Life

24-50 Hours (non replaceable)





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How LED Champagne Glasses Work

1. LED Champagne glasses are made of clear, food grade PVC plastic. They are liquid activated and only light up when a drink is inside the glass. Once you finish the drink, the lights turn off.
2. The built in battery pack sits at the bottom of the glass and includes a light sensor that detects liquid to illuminate. The product is safe to use when drinking or washing as the battery is completely protected. You cannot access or replace the battery (total life span 24-50 hours of use).

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