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Shine Brightly with LED Swag Items at Your Next Event


Are you looking for a way to make your next event shine? Whether it’s a business conference, music festival, or family reunion, light up swag items are a great way to stand out from the crowd and draw attention. From light up bracelets to light-up ID badges, these fun and exciting items will have your guests feeling like they’ve stepped into another world. Read on to learn more about the cool and creative light up promotional items that can be included in your next event.

LED Bracelets

Custom LED bracelets are an increasingly popular choice for events, as they add a unique touch of lighting that can transform any atmosphere. They come in a variety of styles and colors and can be easily customized with your event’s logo or slogan. Not only do LED bracelets create a visually-stunning effect, but they also add a unique sense of excitement to the event. This type of lighting allows guests to move freely about the space and creates a sense of camaraderie among attendees. All you need to do is pass out the bracelets and let everyone have fun. With their relatively low cost and easy setup, LED bracelets make for an excellent investment when it comes to creating an unforgettable experience at your event.

Light Up Hats

Nothing says stylish like a custom LED hat! These hats are perfect for any outdoor event, thanks to their adjustable straps that make them suitable for any head size. They also make great conversation starters—your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off these unique pieces. The best part? You can customize them with your logo and watch it light up too! They come in a variety of LED colors so you can customize them based on your brand’s identity. Not only do they look great on their own, but if you pair them with one of our other light-up swag items (keep reading!), then you’ll really have something special.

LED Lanyards

LED lanyards are the perfect way to add a bit of fun and flare to any event. They make everyone that attends feel involved and energized while also providing a great conversation starter. The special light up feature makes these lanyards stand out compared to traditional options, ensuring you can spot your staff and volunteers easily in large crowds. Moreover, LED lanyards can be customized with logos, designs, or your event name for branding purposes, making sure more people are aware of your gathering. All in all, using LED lanyards is an effective way to make your event stand out from the crowd as well as boost visibility while providing additional benefits like safety and organization.

LED ID Badges

Custom LED ID badges are a great way to add an extra layer of personalization to a corporate event or family reunion. These light up ID badges come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be customized with any message or logo you choose. Plus, they feature bright LED lights that will make sure your guests stand out from the crowd! Each ID badge can light up in 15 different colors which you can change by pressing the button on the lanyard—talk about eye catching!

Light Up T-shirts

Customizable light up t-shirts make the perfect swag item for your next event. They are an incredibly fun and eye-catching way to showcase your business, company logo, or band/artist name. Plus, with different flashing modes you can customize the t-shirts to fit any vibe or atmosphere. From steady glowing to automatic flashing animations, light up t-shirts will make your event shine with style. Light up t-shirts are also extremely comfortable to wear due to the lightweight materials used when making them and can provide guests a physical memento of your event to take home with them! It’s no wonder why light up t-shirts have become one of the most popular swag items at many events today.


Light up swag items are an awesome addition to any event! Whether it’s for a business conference or family reunion, these unique items will help take your celebration to the next level. With LED bracelets, ID badges, LED lanyards, and more all available in various shapes and sizes and featuring customizable messages or patterns – plus bright LED lights – there is something for everyone at your next shindig. So don’t wait – get glowing today!

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