Custom "EL" Light Up Panels

Custom "EL" Light Up Panels

Min Order:
Set Up Fee:
Lead Time:
3-4 weeks
Quantity 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+
Unit Cost $25 $20 $16 $13 $10 $9
*Contact Us for higher quantity pricing
  • “EL” panels are thinner than a credit card. Using velcro or adhesive, you can attach them to anything you can imagine - garment, wall, frame, etc.
  • Your printed design is visible when turned off. When the power is turned “on”, it will illuminate the colors within the design
  • Can light up in animated sequences in up to 5 frames - we make a free mock up .gif showing your design's lighting sequence
  • Option to cut the "EL" panels into the shape of your design such as circle, heart, etc. or around the lettering of your design
  • Powered by replaceable AAA batteries or USB rechargeable battery. Choose sound activated lighting only or multi-function with different light settings
Product Specs

"EL" panels are made of a bendable vinyl material called Electroluminescence. When plugged into a battery pack, your printed design is backlit to create an eye-catching animated display. Add to a lanyard, sew onto a backpack, attach to your Halloween costume, stick it on your wall - the applications are endless and the results are jaw-dropping.

  • Printed design can light up in up to 5 frames of backlit animation, or can stay lit fully without animation. Sound activated option available.
  • "EL" Panels are made to your size specifications. Can be as small as 2″ x 2″ or as large as 7.25″ x 7.25″ or 8″ x 5″ *

*Making the panels larger than we suggest can result in a duller display. Based on your design dimensions our team provides the best recommendation to make the largest and brightest sized panel. Please see our EL poster page for larger animated displays that require a plug/outlet.

Product Specs

EL Paper Backlight, Phosphorus Ink, PVC, Cable Ribbon Cord, 3V DC Battery Driver

Power Supplied

DC3V 2AAA Battery Inverter, DC3V Lithium Ion Battery Inverter (USB rechargeable)

Lighting Options

Constant On, Blinking, Automatic Flash, Sound activated


80-150 cd/m2


0.3-0.5 mm

Life Span

8,000-15,000 hours

Min Order

10 pcs

Lead Time

3-4 weeks



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How Light Up Panels Work

EL Light up panel diagram

Your design is printed on an electroluminescent (or “EL”) panel, made of a thin vinyl material with phosphorant inks. Your design is backlit into programmed lighting sequences.

2. Connecting cable

The panel is plugged into a battery pack to power the lighting display. You can easily plug and unplug the panel if you need to remove from a garment to wash.

3. Battery Pack

The EL Panel is powered by your choice of battery pack or inverter (uses 2 AAA or USB rechargeable batteries). Choose from a long cable ribbon (standard), or an upgraded “wireless” option where the battery pack is adhered to the back side of the light up panel.

Battery Pack Options
Diagram showing different battery packs for el panels
Additional Options
Diagram showing additional options available to make custom EL panel including Velcro attached or a lanyard attached

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“EL” Light Up Panel FAQ’s

What is the minimum order quantity?

We require a minimum of at least 10 “EL” light up panels all using the same design. You pay a one-time set up fee for your design mold, so if you place an order in the future using the same design you will only pay the unit cost per item and shipping. Unit pricing decreases when you order quantities of 25, 50, 100, 250, etc.

Are EL Panels waterproof?

No. EL panels are water resistant but they are not waterproof. That means the panel can get wet, for example if you were wearing this in the rain, but you cannot ever fully submerge the panels under water. The connection, power cable and battery pack should never get wet – especially while in operation. 

What kind of battery packs do you offer & what kind of batteries?

Choose whether you want a “wireless” battery pack which is typically adhered to the back side of the EL panel (additional cost), or if you want to use a standard cable ribbon wired battery pack. Either option can be made sound activated only (lights up exclusively to sound through hidden microphone built into battery pack) or multi-function which allows you to switch between sound activated, constant on, blinking, or automatic flashing settings at the press of a button. All battery packs use 2 replaceable AAA batteries, or you can upgrade to USB rechargeable option (additional cost).

What is your turnaround time?

Production for our light up hats takes between 3-4 weeks, not including time to ship. Larger quantities of 1000+ may take longer depending on the time of year.

Can you see the el panel design lighting up during the day?

Electroluminescent technology is the same as what is found in the dashboard of your car. The printed design is visible even when not connected with power, but when turned on the design is illuminated through backlighting. Just like with your car dashboard, if you are in bright direct sun you may not see the light up effect. We do not recommend using the EL panels in direct sunlight without UV protected glass as the sun can fade the design. You should be able to see the design lighting up in most indoor settings.

What are the artwork requirements?

We recommend sending a high resolution file such as .jpg, .png, .psd, .pdf, .ai, .eps, etc. The bigger the image, the better for printing. You can include as many colors as you’d like within your design at no additional cost. Our design team will make you a free animated .gif to show the lighting sequence of your custom “EL” panel design

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