Our  Portfolio

See examples of our custom light up products in use
EL Posters & Panels
Custom EL Posters
Custom EL Poster Advertisement
Custom EL Poster cut to shape with a stand
Sound Activated Equalizer Car EL Poster
Merry Christmas Light Up EL Poster
Beer Advertising EL Poster
Custom Car EL Poster
Flexible EL poster Example
Koma Sliders Custom EL Advertisement
Belvedere EL Advertisement
EL Poster Wall Examples
Robot Car EL Poster Example
VIP Club EL Poster Example
Equalizer with Transparent Background EL Poster Example
Alcohol Advertisement EL Poster Example
Toyota EL Poster for Car
Sound Activated Light Up Shirts
Automatic Light Up Shirts
LED Light Up Hats
Custom Red LED Hat
LED Hat Front On
Glowing Custom Beanie Hat
Custom glow LED Hat
Custom Light Up Hat Your Logo
Black Beanie Red Logo
Black Beanie Green LED Lights
White LED Hat
LED Drawstring Bags
Custom night event LED Bags
Custom Logo on Drawstring Bag
Blue, Orange, and Red LED Bags
Blue LED Drawstrings
Hot Head Custom LED Bags
Stylus Custom Green LED Backpacks
Light Up Badge and Lanyards
Taylor Swift Fan LED Light Up Lanyards
Custom flashing Lanyards for birthday
Blue LED Lanyard with Custom NSW EL Badge Design
Custom Embrace Hybrid EL Badge with LED Lanyard
Red LED Lanyard with Printed Custom Logo
ATL Uber Hospitality EL Badge and Lanyard
Solar Central Systems Custom EL Badge and LED Lanyard
Yellow LED Lanyard with Custom EL Badge & LED Hat
Green LED Lanyard Example
Good Vibes Only EL Badge with Blue LED Lanyard
VIP EL Badge with Color Changing LED Lanyard
Trade Show Custom EL Badge Example
Disco Kip EL Badge with Color Changing LED Lanyard
Custom LYM EL Badge with Red LED Lanyard
Pink LED Lanyard with Paint Night Custom EL Badge
Woulda Custom EL Badge with LED Lanyard
LED Bracelets
Custom light up LED Bracelets
Custom Engraved LED Wristbands
Blue Light Up Wristband
Sound Activated LED Bracelets
LED Bracelet Colors with Engraved Designs
Group LED Bands on Wrists
Laser Engraved LED Bracelets
Multicolor Engraved LED Wristbands
Green LED Button Wristband
Merry Christmas Engraved LED Bracelets
Flashion Statement Custom LED Bracelets