Unique Opportunities For Light Up Products

Custom LED shirt picture
Our light up shirts are great for a number of things, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, graduations, etc. We have made light up shirts for percussion groups (sound activated percussion art is awesome, btw), dance costumes, and as welcome home signs. But little compares to how amazing it was to make proposal shirts. That’s right, light up t-shirt proposal time! Get excited!! When Henry first approached us to make a couple proposal shirts we could not have been more thrilled. It is difficult to find a unique way to propose to someone ... Read More

Sound Activated or Automatic

Sound activated and Automatic Flash
Light up t-shirts fall into two separate categories: sound-activated and automatic flashing. Here is a breakdown so you can better understand each product and discover which shirt is best suited for your next excursion. Sound Activated T-Shirts Light Up Pattern: Similar to an equalizer, the t-shirt’s panel will light up in a unique pattern based on your background music/sound. What Ignites the Light: A small microphone within the battery pack detects noise and will light up according to the sound waves. Unique Setting: Sensitivity Adjustment. A dial on the battery pack adjusts the panel’s ... Read More

5 Glow In The Dark Activities (That Are Really Fun)

Here at Flashion Statement, we love having fun and staying active. We try to incorporate fun into everything we do. One sure fire way to make this happen is to turn on the black light. All of these activities are great as is, but doing it in the dark makes it even more exhilarating. Check out our list below for our top 5 glow in the dark activities. 1.) Mini Golf. When I think mini golf, I immediately think of all the summer vacations I spent down the Cape playing on ... Read More

4 Examples Of Wearable Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

Flashing Onion T-shirts
We like to refer to our light up shirts as being the next step in the evolution of t-shirts. Why make an ordinary screen printed shirt when you can make your message light up on our EL shirts at a comparable price? However, our sound activated shirts are not the only fashion item pushing technological limits. There are quite a few pieces of clothing that still blow us away with how they have integrated new technology into fashion while affecting our emotions and psychology. This high-tech fashion can appeal to ... Read More

Tech Meets Style: The Cornerstone of Fashion

Flashion Statement Light Up Shirts at Tech Style NYC

When fashion meets technology, amazing things can happen—more importantly, amazing products are made. Flashion Statement is built upon the idea that we can improve an otherwise ordinary product with technology to create something extraordinary.  That’s why we were so excited to be invited to Tech Style NYC Urban Oasis. A play on the word “textile,” Tech Style NYC creates fashion events for influencers, conscious fashion brands, and techies alike to highlight the many different ways tech meets style. Equal parts swanky and chic, curator Janine Just set the stage for … Read More

15 Light Up Halloween Costumes

The air is starting to get crisp, the days are shorter, and pumpkin flavor has overtaken every item imaginable in the grocery store (saw Pumpkin flavored condoms the other day, no joke). This can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming! Ah, Halloween. The one night a year where you can completely change your appearance to become anything you want, and as Cady Heron from Mean Girls so eloquently put, “no other girls can say anything about it.” Especially if you’re costume is DIGGITY DOPE. What better way to outdo … Read More

Cheaper Is More Expensive: The Triangle of Service

Triangle of Service: Good, Fast, Cheap

We know that there are other places you can buy pre-made and customized light up apparel. While some may seem more enticing with lower prices, it is important to take into consideration the triangle of service. If you have not heard of this before, it’s quite simple. There are three kinds of services: fast, cheap, and good. But within the triangle, you can only choose two options: For example, if you want good service cheap, it will not be fast. If you want good service fast, it will not be … Read More

What is Electroluminescence (El)?

Have you ever wondered how our shirts light up? The technology behind our illuminated shirts is called “electroluminescence” or EL. Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s a lot less scarier than it sounds. EL devices are lamps, but not in the traditional sense. Incandescent light bulbs found in your ordinary house lamp creates light through heating a filament.  EL, on the other hand, uses phosphorescent materials that glow when exposed to a small electrical current. In layman's terms, when connected to a power source, EL releases energy in the form of photons ... Read More

PVD Hoot Is Making A (Flashion) Statement

Our friends at PVD Hoot (a new Open Mic organization) are hosting their first ever Halloween Hootenanny Open Mic Night at Anchor in Providence, Rhode Island. This is the group’s inaugural event - a perfect chance to bring musicians and spectators together under one roof for an evening of good tunes, food and beer in good company. But anyone can host an open mic, and PVD Hoot recognizes this inevitable truth. So they’ve come to us with ideas on how to conquer this evening together to make a lasting statement - a way to ... Read More