LED products that make your event stand out

When it comes to planning special events, the key is to make sure you have a lot of fun and excitement. LED light up products are a must-have for turning the atmosphere into something truly magical. No matter what type of special event you’re planning, these LED products will be sure to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

LED Champagne Glasses 🥂 

Champagne bottle on a table surrounded by three LED champagne glasses on each side each lighting up a different color

One great example of an LED product are champagne glasses that light up! LED champagne glasses liven up any special event. These glasses come in a 6-pack of different eye-catching colors, featuring “drink activated” LEDs at the base of each glass. Only when you pour a drink will these lights shine through to create an amazing display. It’s like your own special bar top light show! Our light up champagne flutes are super interactive for guests and perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, or just a special evening out with friends.

Color-Changing LED Drink Coasters 🍹

two wine glasses sitting on top of LED drink coasters shining bright rainbow colors in the dark
LED color-changing drink coasters make a great addition to any event. These LED coasters light up and change colors only when you put a drink down on them. These “gravity activated” LEDs create a mesmerizing color changing display with pulsing rainbow lights. You can purchase pre-made coaster designs in 4-packs, 6-packs, or 12-packs, or you can customize your own LED coaster design for an incredibly unique party favor. Plus they are completely waterproof in case any of your guests get too excited about them and spill their drinks. 🙊 Your guests will be enthralled by these multi-color drink coasters and they’ll provide an extra special touch to any evening.

LED Fiber Optic Neck Ties 👔

man adjusting top of neck tie that is made of led fiber optic and is shining bright pink

Finally, fiber optic neck ties add a unique touch to any special occasion. These neck ties can illuminate in four different hypnotizing light patterns that change and move as you wear them. Or it can light up 7 different solid LED colors at the press of a button. Using a small hidden USB rechargeable battery, these can illuminate for up to 7 hours for an all-night dance party. Plus, the neck ties look completely normal when they aren’t turned on – allowing you to make the ultimate surprise on any wedding dance floor. They’re perfect for special events like proms, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other occasions where you want to make a statement.


LED light up products are the perfect way to liven up special events to make them extra special and memorable. From LED champagne glasses to fiber optic neck ties, these illuminated accessories will be sure to wow your guests and set a special mood for the evening. Get yours today and light up your next special occasion!

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