Custom "EL" Light Up Posters

Custom "EL" Light Up Posters

Min Order:
1 pc
Set Up Fee:
Based on design
Lead Time:
3-4 weeks
  • EL advertisement posters can create complex animated lighting sequences in up to 10 frames & looks like a regular poster when turned off
  • Plugs into standard outlet, USB adaptor, or car adaptor
  • Easy to install with velcro or 3M tape (additional cost)
  • Can be framed or built into a custom fixture or display (not to be used in direct sunlight to prevent fading)
  • Stays cool: the illuminated phosphor doesn’t generate heat the way conventional sources like neon does
  • Custom sizes and shapes up to 36″ x 72″; for small lighting displays consider our EL panels

Product Specs

"EL" Posters utilize the same technology as the dashboard of your car. Like a speedometer, your design print is visible during the day - but once connected to power is backlit to illuminate the colors within the design. Using a plug, cigarette lighter adaptor, or USB 5V cord, the EL poster design allows for complex animation patterns to bring loads of attention to your product or event. Level up your advertising signs!

  • Large animated billboard display with eye-catching lighting sequences
  • Visible during day or night - lighting effect works best in dark settings
  • Can attach to vehicles with 3M tape on the inside of your windshield or windows, plugged into car's DC cigarette lighter port
  • Choose whether the design is sound activated (lighting up to sound and music), automatically lighting up in sequences, or stays lit up fully
  • Aluminum frames (option to make EL poster waterproof) and stands available at additional cost

Product Specs

EL Paper Backlight, Phosphorus Ink, PVC, Cable Ribbon Cord, 5V DC Driver, 12V Plug, AC Adaptor

Power Supplied

DC 1.5V – 24V, AC 110/210V

Lighting Options

Constant On, Blinking, Automatic Flash, Sound Activated


100 – 150 cd/m2

Life Span

20,000+ (Life is increased if sign is animated)



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How “EL” Posters Work

Light Up poster diagram
1. EL Poster

Your design is printed on an electroluminescent poster. It lights up through backlighting the design in different light sequences. It is very thin and flexible material

2. EL Driver Inverter

This is responsible for driving the light up sequence of your design. There is an on/off switch which turns on the poster. Can be made sound activated, auto flashing, or constant on.

3. AC/DC Power Adaptor

This is the power switch that plugs into a regular 120V outlet. US & EU plugs available. We also have car cigarette lighter adapters and 5V USB adapters (size limitations).


Photo Gallery


Glowing Unicorn custom EL poster design with trippy background

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom EL posters?

No! You can order as little as one custom EL poster. However, the more you order the less per unit the posters will cost.

Are they waterproof?

EL posters are water resistant but not waterproof. The connection and power cable should never get wet. We recommend using 3M tape to stick to the inside of a window – though the printed design may fade from sun exposure. We can also make a custom frame that will make the poster waterproof. Please ask us in advance about this option.

Do I need a power source to make it work?

Yes you will need either a regular 120V outlet or a DC power outlet (car cigarette lighter plug) for the posters. If the poster is small enough we can use a 5V USB to power the display, perfect for laptops.

What is the pricing for custom EL posters?

Pricing for custom EL posters depend on the quantity ordered, the size of the poster(s), and how much is lighting up within the poster design. Our design team will make an animated mock up and tell you the dimensions of the poster based on the design artwork you send. Once you confirm the lighting animation we will provide you a customized quote for your order.

Can you see the design lighting during the day?

When the poster is not connected to power you are able to see the design. Once connected to a power source, the printed design will light up in programmed sequences to animate and illuminate the design. If you are trying to use this in the bright sun you may not see the lighting effect.  We do not recommend using the panels in direct sunlight without UV protected glass, as the sun can fade the product. If you are inside a space then you should be able to see it lighting up – the darker the space the brighter it will shine.

What are the artwork requirements?

We can use any high resolution file such as .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG, .PSD, .AI, etc. The bigger the image, the better. Feel free to include as many colors in your design as you want for no additional price. Our design team will create a free animated mock up of how your design will light up. You can work with the design team until the product is exactly what you imagined.

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