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Sound Activated or Automatic: That Is The Question..

Light up t-shirts fall into two separate categories: sound-activated and automatic flashing. Here is a breakdown so you can better understand each product and discover which shirt is best suited for your next excursion.

Sound Activated T-Shirts

Light Up Pattern: Similar to an equalizer, the t-shirt’s panel will light up in a unique pattern based on your background music/sound.

What Ignites the Light: A small microphone within the battery pack detects noise and will light up according to the sound waves.

Unique Setting: Sensitivity Adjustment. A dial on the battery pack adjusts the panel’s sensitivity to sound. So don’t fret if you like dancing close to the speakers at a concert or show – turn the knob down and keep rocking. If you’re the type to enjoy from a distance, simply increase the sensitivity so the lights follow you wherever you roam.

Battery Requirements: 2 AAA Batteries

Automatic Flash T-Shirts

Light Up Pattern: The t-shirt’s panel design has the capacity to illuminate in up to five different light patterns/sequences.

What Ignites the Light: On/Off/Auto switches are built into the shirt’s battery pack. The “ON” button initiates one specific light pattern on repeat, and another button allows you to change to another light sequence.  The “AUTO” function will allow the shirt’s panel to alternate its illumination pattern among five different light sequences. You know what “OFF” does – and you don’t want to do that.

Unique Settings: Automatic flash t-shirts are built to continually light up regardless of background noise (silent disco, anyone?). A single button on the battery pack gives you the power to choose which light sequence(s) you want to display at which time, giving you full control over your shirt’s illumination. Remember, you wear the shirt in this relationship.

Battery Requirements:  2 AA Batteries

Headphones DJ LED Shirt

When you make custom light up shirts with us, we give you the option to choose whether your shirt lights up to sound, or automatically. Feel free to request a sample of each style to get a better idea of how the shirts look and work.

[Check out this link if you want to learn even more about light up t-shirts.]

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