Custom LED Light Up T-Shirts

Custom LED Light Up T-Shirts

Min Order:
10 pcs
Set Up Fee:
Lead Time:
3-4 weeks
1 Side$30$27$22$18$15$13
2 Sides$40$35$30$25$20$18
*price per unit. Contact us for higher quantity pricing
  • We add your logo onto animated “EL” light up shirts that light up your design in eye-catching displays 👀
  • Flip the switch on the small, hidden battery pack to make your design light up – powered by 2 AAA batteries 🔋
  • Customize light up shirts to promote your business, bring attention to your cause, or make any special event feel extra special ✨

Don’t want to make custom? Shop our in stock light up LED t-shirts

Product Specs
Reviews 6

Our Custom LED Light Up Shirts turn your message into a walking billboard by illuminating your logo on a t-shirt in a unique animation. Your design is printed on a thin vinyl material called electroluminescent (or “EL") panel, and attached to the t-shirt and connected to a battery pack hidden in a pocket.

When you turn the shirt on the design will light up in 5 frames of animation through backlighting. Your design is still visible when turned off.

  • Choice of battery pack: sound activated only OR multi-function (5 Light Modes: constant on, fast blink, slow blink, auto flashing, and sound activated)
  • Choose whether light up panel is sewn onto shirt or attached with velcro; light up panel can be placed on front OR back of shirt, or you can use 2 light up panels one on the front & one on the back
  • The EL Panel can be cut into custom shapes to match your design .
  • Black T-shirts only; available in Unisex, Female and Kids sizes

Product Specs

100% Cotton

Min Order

10 pcs

Lead Time

3-4 weeks



Light up material

Electroluminescent "EL" panel


Flashion Statement

Reviews 6

6 reviews for Custom LED Light Up T-Shirts

Charles H

I worked with Becca to design a shirt for the Blue Heron Music festival for my “tribe” aka friends. The shirts were INCREDIBLE! People loved them, asked where we got them and even offered to buy them right off us (while we were wearing them haha!). Becca and the Flashion Statement crew’s assistance hands down was top notch! I’ll definitely use their services again and highly recommend them!

Marvin H

We used these light up shirts for a trade show and it got us the attention we were hoping for! Great product and great customer support!

Dan Woods

You won’t be disappointed with these amazing shirts! High quality and coolest thing ever!

Gina Thompson

We got these awesome light up shirts for a parade and boy was it a hit! Everyone stopped us to ask where we got them! Make sure to get high quality batteries!

Nancy G

I can’t say enough good things about this company! Becca was super helpful and patient with me on multiple design changes! But overall I am super pleased with the final product! The shirts fit great and the quality was superb!


We love our light up t-shirts from Flashion Statement! It was an awesome experience and everyone loved our shirts!

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How Light Up Shirts Work

Diagram showing how light up t-shirts work through an EL panel that connects to a hidden battery pack

Inside Out

1. Connection Plug

This is where the battery pack plugs into the panel. You can also plug the connection in the other way and it will light up in the opposite direction

2. Fabric Sleeve

This sleeve made of soft cotton material covers the thin wire from the battery pack so you don’t feel it on your skin

3. Battery Pack Pocket

This pocket is hidden inside the shirt. You can also take the battery pack out of the pocket and clip it to your pants belt buckle or in your own pocket of your pants

“EL” Panel

EL Panel on the t-shirt turned on and off
  • The custom design is silk screen printed onto a paper thin electroluminescent “EL” panel that is attached to the t-shirt; Choose if you want it sewn on directly (hand wash only) or attached with velcro (easier to wash)
  • The “EL” light up panel is paper thin, flexible, & comfortable to wear, connected to a hidden battery pack
  • The design lights up through backlighting, illuminating the colors within the design, and is visible when the shirt is on or off
  • We use special phosphorus and silver inks to create the lighting sequence, splitting the design in up to 5 frames of animation

Sewn On

Guy in Las Vegas Hat and Rainbow Equalizer Speaker LED Shirt, next to pictures of a light up panel sewn directly onto the shirt

 Sewn on panels make the light up shirts hand wash ONLY. Simply use a wet towel to spot clean as needed. Sewn on EL panels look better than velcro in daylight and under fluorescent lights as there is no added layer between the light up panel and the shirt itself. We recommend sewn on panels if you will be using these in a lighter setting like a trade show, or if you won’t have much need to wash.


Girl wearing baseball hat and Equalizer LED shirt design attached with velcro, next to picture of the velcro EL panel attached to light up shirt

Velcro allows for easy washing. Simply remove the batteries, unplug the battery pack, peel the panel off the shirt, then wash/dry as normal before reassembling. Velcroed panels will stick out more than sewn on, as there are additional layers of velcro between the shirt and light up panel, but you cannot see this in darker settings like a club. We recommend velcro if you need to wash the shirts often.

Unisex Size Chart

Unisex LED Shirt Size Chart Diagram with Measurements Per Size

Most popular – runs similar to name brands like Gildan

Female Size Chart*

Female LED Shirt Size Chart Diagram with Measurements Per Size

*Tightly fitted – check sizing carefully, may need to order up

Kids Size Chart*

Kids Light Up Shirt Size Chart With Measurements

*Runs smaller than traditional “youth” sizing – check chart carefully

Animated Light Up Shirts

These LED shirts light up automatically in 5 animated frames. They do not require any sound or music.
The new multi function battery packs have 5 lighting modes built in: solid on, slow flashing, fast flashing,
sound activated, and animated 5 frame light up sequence (these videos show the animated light up sequence).

Sound Activated Light Up Shirts

The shirts light up in response to sound and music. When there is no sound the shirt will not light up.
You can adjust the sensitivity on the battery pack if the volume is louder in certain places such as a concert.


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Man in dark outside wearing light up shirt with patron bottle illuminating with some neon colors lighting up in the background

How do light up shirts work?

Light up t-shirts use a thin electroluminescent (or “EL”) panel that is either sewn onto the t-shirt or velcro-ed. The “EL” panel is connected to a hidden battery pack within the shirt and when you turn the battery pack on, your design lights up on the panel. Your logo can animate in a sequence of up to 5 frames. Choose between a battery pack that is sound activated only or a 5 mode multi-function option which can light up your design in automatic sequences, stay lit fully, blink on/off or light up to sound/music at press of a button.

Can you see the light up effect during the day?

Yes! The design is printed on an EL panel, using technology that is similar to the dashboard of your car. Like your speedometer, when the shirt is not connected to power you can see the printed design – but when lit up the colors within the design will illuminate through backlighting. You’ll be able to see the lighting effect better in darker settings than light – especially not bright sun (just like your dashboard!).

What is your turnaround time?

Production takes about 14-20 business days (or three to four weeks) plus time to ship. Plan for an additional week for shipping. For quantities over 1000 pcs, or during the busy holiday season, production times may be longer. If you need an expedited service ask our team to see what is possible.

Can we wash the light up shirts?

Light up shirts with sewn on panels are hand wash only. If your light up panel is attached with velcro, then you can simply unplug the battery pack (remove batteries first) and peel the panel off the shirt before washing as normal. Once dry you can reassemble the panel and battery pack.

Do the shirts run small?

All of our shirts are special made to include a hidden pocket for the battery pack and a fabric sleeve for the wire.

Standard unisex t-shirts do not run small. These use sizing similar to a name brand Gildan or Hane’s t-shirt.
Female shirts are tighter fitting with cap sleeve and scoop neck so we recommend ordering up at least one size.
Kids shirts fit smaller than traditional “youth” sizing so you may want to order up.
View our size chart and check the measurements before placing your order.

What are the artwork requirements?

We can use any high resolution file such as .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG, .PSD, .AI, etc. The bigger the image, the better. Feel free to include as many colors in your design as you want for no additional price. Our design team will create a free animated mock up to show your design’s lighting sequence. We work hand in hand with our clients to bring your ideas to life.

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