Custom LED Light Up Coasters

Custom LED Light Up Coasters

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50 pcs
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3-4 weeks
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  • We put your logo on waterproof coasters with built-in LEDs
  • Drink activated lights illuminate fully once a beverage is placed on top for a cool interactive effect 🍹💡
  • Choose from 6 single color LEDs OR a color-changing effect 🌈
  • Battery Powered 🔋: Comes with CR2032 battery included & installed - lasts 50+ hours before easily replacing batteries
  • Customize our LED coasters as party favors for life's special events, or to brand your company (or sponsors) with a unique promo item
Product Specs

Customize LED coasters for a memorable giveaway that keeps you top of mind!

  • "Drink Activated" Gravity Switch 🍺: LED coasters illuminate through a button on the coaster bottom; hold button or place glass on the coaster to create the glowing light effect
  • Lights up your design in a single LED color OR RGB color-changing display
    • Color Options: Blue, Pink, Green, White, Red, Yellow, or RGB
  • Your printed design illuminates through backlighting. We can print any color to match your branding - lighter colors will shine brightly through coasters; LEDs will not permeate dark colors like black
  • 360º Light Effect: LEDs shine through the printed logo and around the sides of the coasters - even clear glassware will light up
  • Waterproof Design: Sturdy plastic with battery fully encased - No need to worry about spills! 💦 [Do NOT submerge under water or put in dishwasher; carefully wipe down to clean]

Product Specs
LED Colors

Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, White, Color Changing


ABS, Acrylic, 4 LED Lamps




3.98" wide x 4.05" tall x .275" thick


Replaceable button cell battery CR2032 (1 piece)

Battery Life

50 Hours+ before needing to be replaced

Printed Design

Silk screen or heat transfer; color to your specifications



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How LED Coasters Work
1. Printed Design

We print your design in your choice of CMYK colors. The LEDs illuminate the entire coaster including your printed design when turned on. LEDs will not light up black print, but will shine through colors (white glows brightest).

2. Drink Activated Switch

The coaster design illuminates through a gravity switch on the bottom. The weight of a drink placed on top will initiate the lighting effect for an interactive experience!

3. Battery Powered

The coasters are designed to be waterproof with 1 CR2032 batteries placed within the coaster (included). Gently snap the outer ring off the coaster, then open it up like a clam shell to access the batteries for replacement. Batteries last around 50 hours.

LED Color Options
Diagram showing all seven LED coaster color options in blue, red, green, pink, white, yellow and color changing LEDs to light up your custom logo design
Size Dimensions
Diagram showing custom LED coaster size dimensions at about 4 inches x 4 inches in size and a 1/4 inch tall
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Light Up Coaster FAQ’s
6 different color custom LED coasters all using the same "S" logo design lighting up bright neon colors

How long do the batteries last? 🪫

Typically the LED coasters can run for 50-54 hours of use before needing to be replaced.

How does "drink activated" lighting work?

We call our LED coasters “drink activated” as there is a button on the bottom side of the coaster that activates the light effect. When you place a drink on top of the coaster then the button is pressed, causing it to light up. As soon as you pick the drink up off the coaster the lighting will stop, and then resume once you put the drink back down again.

What color print options are available?

The most popular option is a white logo print on black background so that the LED light shines through the white print. You can print the logo or background any color you’d like, but the light does not shine as well through darker colors. We recommend colorful logos are paired with white LEDs for a true-to-color glow effect.

How big are light up coasters?

The coasters are about a 4″ diameter, which is standard size for a drink coaster. Most other LED coasters are made much smaller to fit within a car cupholder.

Are LED Coasters waterproof? 💦

Yes! Our LED drink coasters can withstand a drink being spilled on it. The battery pack is hidden inside the coaster with an acrylic exterior that repels liquids. Just don’t submerge under water fully – these are not dishwasher friendly! Wipe down to clean.

How do you replace the batteries? 🔋

LED Coasters are powered by 1 CR2032 button battery and is easy to replace in three steps:

  1. Remove the silicone ring around the coaster
  2. Open the coaster into two pieces like a clam shell
  3. Remove the current battery and replace with new one in same position, & reassemble. See here.
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