Custom Neon LED Sign


LEAD TIME: 2-3 weeks

Pricing based on Size, Quantity, & Length of LEDs
  • Custom-made to your specifications - Order as little as one sign!
  • Uses PVC coated "Flex" LEDs to look like neon without the high cost; sturdy, safe, long-lasting, and maintenance-free
  • 10 color options, 4 different thicknesses. Choice of single lighting option or RGB multicolor animating light modes
  • Completely programmable with optional remote control and dimmer
  • Comes standard for indoor use only, or can be made for outdoor use (waterproof)
  • Acrylic light-weight backing board cut closely around the lettering for seamless look. UV Print color options available
  • Easy to install - includes holes & hardware to wall mount or to hang sign with chain

Don't want to make custom? View made-to-order neon sign designs

Product Specs

Make Custom Neon Signs

Create your own personalized neon sign - perfect for special events like weddings (hello insta-worthy photo booth!), decorating your home or office, or as a one-of-a-kind gift.

  • Choose your light effect: solid one-color neon without animation, or RGB color-changing animation patterns (remote control required)
  • 16 different font options available to choose from; we create a free mock up of your design to help you choose
  • Optional wireless remote dimmer available to adjust the brightness
  • 10 LED neon color options: cold white, warm white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan blue, dark blue, pink, purple, plus color-changing RGB
  • 50,000+ hour lifespan with one year warranty

Product Specs

UV Resistant PVC Coated "Flex" LEDs


12V UL listed power adaptor

Power Rating

Average 5W – 10W per character depending on neon size

Neon Color

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple, Warm White, Cold White, RGB Color-changing

Neon Thickness

8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm

Backing Options

Cut to shape, Rectangle, Outdoor-rated


Dimmable with RF remote controller (optional accessory), Programmable animation available



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How Neon LED Signs Work

1. LED “Neon” with Acrylic Backing

The neon sign is made from PVC coated LEDs which are attached to a clear acrylic backing board, typically cut to the shape of the design.

2. Cable & Receiver Box

Signs come with 15ft of clear transparent cable that plugs directly into the adaptor. Optional, clear cable plugs into receiver box to sync remote with your sign for dimmer or color-changing options.

3. Plug Adaptor

Your sign is powered by a simple plug adaptor (100-240V), similar to a laptop charger. Attach the adaptor to the clear cable directly, or through the receiver box, and then plug into an outlet.

Neon LED Color Options
Acrylic Backing Options
Diagrams showing three different options available for acrylic backing on LED neon signs: cut to shape, cut to rectangle, or with UV print showing all three choices with picture examples
Font Options
Remote Options
Diagram showing three different remote options to use with neon LED signs as well as battery box option
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Photo Gallery

Various Custom Neon Signs
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Best neon sign periodt.
Dental Office Custom Neon Sign
Free Live Music Neon Sign
Frozen Display Custom Neon Sign

No, we can make as little as one sign with your custom design! Fill out our order form to get started and receive a free mock and quote for a customized neon sign.

Production takes about 14 business days (or 2-3 weeks) not including shipping time. Larger quantities may require longer production period. We also have expedited service available if needed.

The price ranges depending on the amount of LEDs required to make your neon design, as well as if these are indoor or outdoor rated. Typically smaller signs range between $200-$300, medium signs range between $300-$500 and larger signs can be $500-$700.

Our neon signs come standard as indoor rated. If you plan to use these outside or need them to be UV rated for a storefront window, we can make these outdoor-rated at an additional cost. Do not use indoor-rated neon signs outside or it could cause damage not covered under warranty.

Customized neon signs come with a 1 year warranty included. The warranty covers any faults that may occur with the product including any optical, power adapter failure and coverage on included accessories (i.e. remotes, install accessories, etc). The warranty does not apply to damage from incorrect installation, physical damage during usage, or difference in color from mock up.

We offer 14 different fonts you can choose from if you are making a simple phrase or word neon sign. Otherwise, if you are looking to make a neon sign shape you will need to send us a high resolution file of the artwork such as a .jpg, .png, .ai, .eps, .psd, .pdf, etc. Our design team will make a free mock up of your neon sign design to review before you place your order, and will let you know if any additional art files are needed.

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