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Why Make A Light Up T-shirt?

Promote your brand

Making custom light up t-shirts with your logo is a great way to get attention for your brand.

Raise money for your cause

Raise money and awareness for your cause by starting a fundraiser selling light up t-shirts with your own design

Stand out from everyone else

Just about everyone makes ordinary printed t-shirts with their logo, but custom light up clothing allows you to be unique and show off your personality

Spread awareness for your message

This incredibly cool t-shirt acts as a walking billboard advertising your message to everyone you walk past

Video Examples

Watch some video examples of how our light up shirts work

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend hand-washing for all of our light up clothing, though they can also be dry cleaned. Typically, our light up panels are sewn onto the shirt. However, we do have the option to use velcro if you prefer, which allows for regular washing. The shirts are completely weather-proof, so you do not have to worry if it gets wet when hand washing—though you cannot submerge the panel under water. Please refer to our washing instructions for more details.

The shirt uses an electroluminescent, or EL panel, that connects to a small battery pack. The shirts use ordinary, replaceable batteries to power the display. The sound activated shirts use 2 AAA batteries whereas our automatic flashing t-shirts use 2 AA batteries. The battery packs are interchangeable, so you can always purchase an additional one to utilize both light up options.

Production takes up to 14 business days not including shipping time. We do have a rush option for an extra charge which speeds the production to 7-10 days.

There is a one time $60 set up fee for your custom design, though you can use an infinite amount of colors within the design. We have no minimum order quantity, so you can make as little as 1 custom shirt. We do offer discount breaks based on quantity. Please download our pricing guide for an accurate quote.

Yes we sell just the light up panel and battery pack so you can attach it to whatever you would like.

The light up options are either: sound activated where the shirts light up in response to music or any sounds around you. There is an on/off switch and a sensitivity on the battery pack to adjust it so it stays sensitive to the music. Automatic Flash where the shirts light up on their own when you turn the battery pack on and it lights up in 5 different sequences when you push a button on the battery pack. We also have the option of having the shirt stay lit up when you turn it on. Sound activated uses 2 AAA batteries, automatic uses 2 AA batteries and static uses 2 AA batteries.

Your shirt’s design is printed directly onto the light up panel, so you can still see the design when the shirt is turned off. However, you will not be able to see it lighting up in direct sunlight. The animation is completely visible in most indoor lit areas. Of course, the darker the setting, the brighter the shirt will illuminate.

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What Our Clients Think About Our LED T-Shirts

“We got the shirts and are in love! They’re fantastic! Our LinkedIn InTune shirts were such a hit that it’s been requested I order a second batch. I look forward to seeing the shirts!”

James Huang
Pasadena, California

“You simply cannot imagine how many people stop me and inquire about the shirt and the technology used in them. I even had one person literally offer me the shirt off his back AND cash in trade for my original shirt, but I would never part with it.”

Gary Williams
Mount Sterling, Kentucky

“Thank you for the amazing shirt! It looks awesome and it is just fun to wear. Especially all the kids around me always have big eyes when they see it light up as soon as the parade music starts!”

Sophia Lea Schedlinski
Los Angeles, California

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