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Halloween Light Up Gear


Light up The Night This Halloween

You can create your own graphic which we’ll convert into a light-up shirt for you. The best part? We work on it with you at every step to make something spectacular and there’s no minimum order.

Picture your kids and their friends this Halloween night as the center of attention, each wearing a LED shirt that proves to be the most popular and creative Halloween costume on the block. It’s difficult enough to find a “cool” Halloween costume, especially with the vastly different tastes of your children. Being customized our shirts ensure everyone can have something unique, fun, and personal to them.

Parents love the “cool” vibe but rave about the safety aspect of our light-up shirts. It’s easy to quickly spot their friends and family from anywhere: inside the haunted house, out on the hay ride, or even in the depths of a corn maze. Trick-or-treating at Halloween can be dark, but now you can just glance down the street and watch your family glow.

On top of it all, these shirts are certain to be cherished after this Halloween and during the next. Just replace the batteries and you’re ready to party!


Adam Evert
October 21, 2015 at 1:53 am

How do I order a led shirt???

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