Light Up Animated LED Sunglasses


Available in 4 LED colors, light up animated LED sunglasses illuminate in 12 different flashing modes. Press the button on the sunglasses to cycle through each incredibly interactive design. The long-lasting USB rechargeable battery lets you light up all night long πŸ•ΊπŸͺ©

Wear LED sunglasses at your next event, party, or festival for an unforgettable look!

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Show off your party animal with these super cool animated LED sunglasses 😎✨ Our LED sunglasses are lightweight, easy to use, and allow you to see through while wearing them. Simply hold the button on the sunglasses for 4-5 seconds and they will start illuminating. Press the button again to cycle through all 12 lighting effects.

  • USB Rechargeable Battery πŸ”‹ (Charging Cord Included)
  • 12 light settings to cycle between
  • Super bright LEDs in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink
  • Comfortable to wear, Easy to use

Light Up Animated LED sunglasses are individually packaged in boxes with micro-USB charging cord included and instructions. These are completely wireless and lightweight. Hold the on/off button for 4-5 seconds to turn the sunglasses on, and press again to cycle through each light mode. Charge fully before use (takes 2 hours). There is a charging indicator light that will turn red when plugged in, and will turn off once fully charged.

Use our LED sunglasses at any fun nighttime events you can think of like glow bowling, night races, glow parties, weddings, raves, festivals, bar mitzvahs and more. You can also use these for added nighttime visibility during your commute or daily walks. These light up sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your outfit whether you're going to a concert, a holiday party, or any other celebration.

Additional Info
Power Supplied

3.7V 180mAH USB rechargeable lithium battery

Battery Life

8-10 Hours on a full charge

LED Light Settings (12 modes)

GO! GO! GO!, COOL!, Side to Side, Heartbreak, Fireworks, $, Fish, Arrows, Heart Beat, Skull, Number Ticker Game, Auto All



LED Color

Blue, Green, Pink, Red



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How Animated LED Sunglasses Work

Diagram showing how light up sunglasses work
1. Light up animated LED sunglasses use black plastic frame and shutter blinds style to allow you to see through the glasses while wearing them (view is partially obstructed).
2. LEDs are built into the sunglasses design and animate fully when turned on. Choose between 4 different LED colors: red, green, blue or pink.
3. LED Sunglasses will animate when you press the power button on the frame (hold for 4-5 seconds). Press the same button again to cycle through all 11 animations and 1 number game. Micro USB charge port is on opposite side of power button and has a charge indicator light to tell you when it’s fully charged
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