Sound Activated LED Sunglasses


Get these awesome sound activated LED sunglasses for your next party or special event. Using a built-in USB rechargeable battery, these LED stunner shades are wireless, comfortable to wear, and easy to use.

Press the small button on the side of your sunglasses to make the lights move up and down in a colorful pattern. The LEDs will glow based exclusively on sound and noise around you – whether that’s music from a thumping club or simply the sound of your voice. Its long lasting battery will light up the party all night long.

Wear our LED sunglasses & get your party on! 😎✨

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Perfect for any occasion, these stunner shades will light up in a colorful pattern at the press of a button. The lights are sound reactive, meaning the LEDs will only light up based on the sound and noise around you such as your voice, music, etc. The louder it is, the more fully lit the display will be. The sunglasses utilize a black frame and look completely ordinary when turned off - turn the switch "on" and you'll get the party started! Whether you're going to a wedding, concert, rave, festival, or any other special event, these unique LED sunglasses will instantly upgrade your 'fit & leave an impression on the dance floor 😎🤘

  • Powered by wireless USB rechargeable battery 🔋
  • Sound activated LED display - only lights up to sound & music 🎶
  • Super bright & long lasting battery - 14 hours of use ⏰
  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear, plus fun AF 😜

LED sunglasses are individually packaged in a box, with micro USB charging cord included. The sunglasses themselves are completely wireless, using a small built-in battery that is very lightweight. No more wires or bulky battery packs to contend with! Simply turn the on/off button to activate the lights. We recommend charging the battery fully before using. When plugged in, the LED lights on the sunglasses will reflect how charged the battery is (if it lights to the top it is fully charged).

Get ready to turn heads with our sound activated LED "stunner shades" at your next dance, party, show, or parade. The long lasting battery lets you light up any event all night long! Pair these LED sunglasses with our sound activated LED t-shirts for a legendary night out.

Additional Info
Power Supplied

3.7V 150mAH USB rechargeable lithium battery

Battery Life

Up to 14 hours on a full charge

LED Colors

Red, Blue, Green

LED Light Setting

Sound activated





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How LED Sunglasses Work

1. LED Sunglasses use a black plastic frame, and look like ordinary “shutter shade” style of sunglasses when turned off. You can see through these, but your view is partially obstructed. One size fits all. Comes with a micro USB charging cord included.
2. The LED lights are sound reactive, only lighting up and down in this pattern based on the amount of noise, sound, or music around you. The LEDs move from bottom to top in a red, blue, green color pattern.
3. The left side of the sunglasses houses the built in lithium ion battery pack and charging port, as well as the on/off button and the sound sensitivity switch. Slide the switch to adjust how much sound the LED lights react to based on your setting.
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