LED Drawstring Bags


Our LED light up drawstring bags use fiber optic LED technology to illuminate the straps on the bag! Each strap has its own battery pack you press to turn on and change lighting modes.

  • Batteries included and installed
  • Strings light up in 3 modes: on/ fast blink / slow blink / OFF
  • Choose from 6 colored bags with matching LED lights, or 2 colored bags with color changing LEDs.


Additional Info

LED Drawstring bags light up using fiber optic cables that are comfortable and extremely bright. Each drawstring strap has its own battery compartment with an easy on/off button switch to cycle through the different light cycles.

  • Uses 4 CR2032 replaceable batteries (2 per side)
  • 3 light settings: On, fast blink, slow blink
  • Super bright, long lasting LED straps

Each bag is individually packed in clear packaging. The batteries come pre installed, though you will have to pull a plastic tab from each battery pack before it will operate. The bag itself is made of nylon.

LED drawstring bags are great for night time visibility if you are walking or biking. Use these LED bags at your next concert or festival, or for your upcoming event!

Additional Info
Color Options

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink, Black (Changing Colors), White (Changing Colors)


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How It Works
Diagram showing how LED Drawstring bags work with hidden battery packs and LED straps
1. Fiber optic LED lights are the strings for the back pack. These are clear when off and light up a glowing color when turned on. There are two separate on/off switches per side in order for you to control the lighting modes of each separately
2. Polyester durable drawstring bag that can fit plenty of items
3. On/Off/Mode changing control switch where you can turn each side on separately. The 3 mode functions are: solid on, fast blinking, slow blinking. Each side uses 2 CR2032 batteries each.
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