Light Up “EL” Panel Sample

Light Up “EL” Panel Sample


Looking to make your own custom light up panel? We encourage you to buy a pre-made sample of a light up “EL” Panel and battery pack to see how the product works.

Battery Pack Option

Purchase a sample of our "EL" light up panels to see the technology work in person! You can choose how you want the panel to light up from a variety of battery pack options.  Our standard battery packs have a 22" cable ribbon, and uses 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries, depending on how you want it to light up. You can opt for a larger 4 AAA battery pack option, which allows for a brighter display and longer use before needing to change batteries.
You have a choice between two light settings:
  • Sound activated will light up one specific animation exclusively to the sound and noise around you. There is an on/off switch, and a microphone built into the battery pack to detect noise. Adjust how much sound the panel reacts to with a sensitivity dial on the battery pack (louder settings may require you to turn down the sensitivity or the whole image will remain lit up, and vice versa to turn up the sensitivity in quiet settings or you will see no animation).
  • Automatic flashing will light up in 5 different sequences. Press the button on the battery pack to pick your favorite lighting animation. Set to "auto" to randomly display all five light sequences.
For an additional charge, you can use our USB rechargeable, multi-function wireless battery pack. This battery pack has six different light settings that you can change with a press of a button: sound activated, 3 different automatic flashing sequences, constant on, blinking. This battery pack does not use a cable ribbon, making it ideal for you to attach your light up panel easily to garments, bags, picture frames, etc.
The pictures above are to show you some light up panel designs we have made for our clients. The light up samples you order may use a different design than depicted above. Feel free to use the order notes to ask for specific details, such as wanting an EL panel cut to the shape of a circle, or that uses red in the logo. If you create your own custom EL panel order with us, then you can incorporate any logo or message onto the design.


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