How To Wash Your LED Shirt

Important Notes

*You MUST take out the batteries and disconnect the battery pack before washing.*

Garments with sewn on panels are hand wash only. The panels can withstand water, but the washing machine will bend the panel. Carefully wash the shirt around the panel with soap and water.

Garments with Velcro-ed panels can be machine washed. Simply peel off the panel after you disconnect the battery pack. *Be careful not to bend the panel in this process.* Once the panel is removed, you can throw the shirt into a washing machine as normal.

Please note: The below instructions are for velcro-ed panels only!

How to wash a LED T-shirt

Washing Guide for Velcro-ed T-shirts Only

  • Take out the Batteries

    Flip the switch on the battery pack to OFF then remove the batteries.

  • Disconnect the El Panel

    Gently remove the connection from the battery pack to the el panel. You should be able to follow the wire from the battery pack and find where it connects the panel. Gently pull the connection out being careful not to rip the connection paper from the panel.

  • Remove the Panel

    Carefully peel the panel off from the light up t-shirt. ( Make sure not to rip or pull the connector tape on the panel).

  • Remove the Battery Pack

    slide the wire out of the sleeve and remove the battery pack from the t-shirt completely

  • Throw In The Machine

    Once everything is removed from your LED t-shirt you can throw it in the washing machine and the dryer. The shirts are 100% cotton so they may shrink in the dryer.