How Light Up T-shirts Work

Our LED light up shirts use a thin ” Electroluminescent” or “EL” Panel that is attached to the t-shirt. The El panel connects to a battery pack that sits in a special pocket in the shirt. The sound activated shirts, can light up in response to music or any noise, and the auto shirts can light up automatically in different patterns.

  • Thin and Flexible Panel

    El panels are thin, flexible and water resistant. They are incredibly lightweight as the material is thinner than a credit card.

  • Design Is Always Visible

    You can always see the design that is printed on the panel. The technology works through backlighting where it will illuminate the colors in the design when the battery pack is turned on. When it is turned off you can still see the design printed it just won’t light up.

Shirt Inside Out

  • Connecting Plug

    This is where the battery pack plugs into the panel. You can also plug the connection in the other way and it will light up in the opposite direction

  • Fabric Sleeve

    This sleeve made of soft cotton material covers the thin wire from the battery pack so you don’t feel it on your skin

  • Battery Pack Pocket

    This pocket is hidden inside the shirt. You can also take the battery pack out of the pocket and clip it to your pants belt buckle or in your own pocket of your pants

Light Up Options

Sound Activated

  • Sound activated light up t-shirts will light up in response to music or any sound.
  • These battery packs use 2 AAA batteries and have a sound sensitivity dial to adjust when you are in a loud or quiet setting
  • There is an on and off switch so your shirt doesn’t always have to stay on
  • Perfect for concerts, music shows, dance teams, bands, DJ’s, parties much more


  • Automatic battery packs light up in 5 different animated sequences. You can adjust the way the shirt lights up
  • These packs use 2 AA batteries and when you the switch to “ON” you can push the big button on the front to change the light up pattern.
  • If you turn the battery pack to “Auto” it will sequence through all the animations automatically.
  • Perfect for trade shows, conferences, night races, or any night time event

Panel Attachment

Sewn On



We typically recommend sewn on panels to the shirt because they look more professional and don't stick out like the velcro option. These are handwash only or dry cleanable once you remove the battery pack. 



The other option is to velcro the panel onto the shirt. Velcro does tend to stick out more than the sewn on ones because you have the added layer of velcro in between the panel. These are machine washable. Carefully unplug the connection from the panel and take out the battery pack and peel off the velcro-ed panel and you can throw the shirt in the machine wash.