Custom Light Up T-shirts

What is a Custom
“LED” Light Up T-shirt?

Our Custom LED Light Up T-shirts turn your message into a walking billboard by illuminating your logo on a t-shirt in a unique animation. Your design is printed onto a thin vinyl material called an electroluminescent (or “EL“) panel, which is attached to the t-shirt and connected to a battery pack hidden in a pocket within the shirt.
When you flip the switch “on” the design will illuminate in a pattern with up to 5 frames of animation. Choose if your display will light up to sound and music exclusively, automatically flash in sequences, or remains lit up entirely like Tony Stark in Iron Man. Guaranteed to make you stand out!
  • Choose your light setting: sound activated, automatic flash, constant on, or all-in-one
  • Runs on 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries, easy to replace and operate
  • Bright and colorful design that illuminates like an equalizer: perfect for DJ, music events and more
  • Hidden battery pack that sits comfortably in the shirt

Product overview

  • Minimum order quantity: 25 T-shirts using the same design
  • EL panel can be cut into shapes such as circle, star, oval, etc.
  • Fits true to size (Follow standard US Gildan t-shirt measurements)
  • Unisex, Female and Kids sizes/styles available
  • Black T-shirts only
  • Production takes 14-20 business days plus shipping

The battery packs are interchangeable (except for the constant on.)

2 AAA Sound Activated Inverter Battery Pack

Sound Activated

On/Off Battery Pack

Constant On

Automatic Battery Pack

Auto Flash( lights up in animated sequences)

Wireless Multi function Inverter Battery Pack

Sound Activated and Automatic ( both)

One time $75 set up fee per design (waived for orders of 250+), and additional cost for shipping. Contact us directly for higher quantity pricing.

Unit Price
25-49 Shirts $27.00
50-99 Shirts $22.00
100-249 Shirts $18.00
250-499 Shirts $15.00
500-999 Shirts $13.00

How It Works

Diagram showing how light up t-shirts work through an EL panel that connects to a hidden battery pack

Shirt Inside Out

Inside out LED T-shirt Diagram
1. Connection Plug

This is where the battery pack plugs into the panel. You can also plug the connection in the other way and it will light up in the opposite direction

2. Fabric Sleeve

This sleeve made of soft cotton material covers the thin wire from the battery pack so you don’t feel it on your skin

3. Battery Pack Pocket

This pocket is hidden inside the shirt. You can also take the battery pack out of the pocket and clip it to your pants belt buckle or in your own pocket of your pants

“EL” Light Up Panel

EL Panel on the t-shirt turned on and off
  • The custom design is silk screen printed onto a paper thin electroluminescent “EL” panel that is attached to the t-shirt
  • We can cut the panels into shapes such as circle, heart, triangle etc
  • The design is visible when the shirt is on or off
  • We use special phosphorus, and silver inks to create the lighting sequence, which works through backlighting to animate the design in 1-5 frames

Sewn On

Guy in Las Vegas Hat and Rainbow Equalizer Speaker LED Shirt, next to pictures of a light up panel sewn directly onto the shirt


Girl wearing baseball hat and Equalizer LED shirt design attached with velcro, next to picture of the velcro EL panel attached to light up shirt

Light Up  Options

Sound Activated
  • Sound activated light up t-shirts will light up in response to music or any sound
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Microphone built into the battery pack so it picks up any sound and lights up in response to it
  • Adjust sound sensitivity based on setting
  • Perfect for concerts, music events, festivals, DJs, celebrations and much more
Automatic Flash
  • Automatic flashing LED shirts light up in 5 different animated sequences.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
  • Press a button on the battery pack to change lighting sequence
  • Auto setting to shuffle through all sequences
  • Perfect for any event, conference, trade show, celebrations etc

How to Order

Step 1.
Fill out our custom order form

Pick a product, fill out your information upload your artwork and choose your options

Step 2.
We send you a custom quote and animated mock up

Within the following business day, we will e-mail you a link to your quote with the animated mock up of your design on the t-shirt.

Step 3.
You approve & Pay Invoice

Once you are satisfied you can approve the quote and pay the invoice. Production is started the following business day


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Yes our minimum order quantity is 25 shirts. We do provide discounts in quantity. Our discount tiers are 50 shirts, 100 shirts, 250 shirts, 500 shirts, & 1000+

Production takes about 14 business days not including shipping time. For quantities over 1500 pcs production times will extend.

All of our shirts can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. If your light up panel is attached with velcro, you can disconnect the battery pack and remove the panel before washing normally.

Our t-shirts do not run small. The unisex t-shirts fit exactly like a Gildan t-shirt. The female shirts are very true to size.

The design is printed on an EL panel and the technology works through backlighting so you will be able to see the design no matter what. If you are in the bright sun,however, you may not see the light up affect. As long as you are inside you should be able to see it lighting up when it is turned on.

We can use any high resolution file such as .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG, .PSD, .AI, etc. The bigger the image, the better. Feel free to include as many colors in your design as you want for no additional price. Our design team will create a free animated mock up of how your design will light up. You can work with the design team until the product is exactly what you imagined.

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