Light Up T-shirts

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How Light Up Shirts Work

Our light up shirts use a thin ” Electroluminescent” or “EL” Panel that is attached to the t-shirt. The El panel connects to a battery pack that sits in a special pocket in the shirt. El panels are thin, flexible and water resistant, however, you should not submerge the panel in water or get the connection or battery pack wet. The design is printed on the panel directly and when you turn on the battery pack the design will light up in different patterns and animations. The sound activated shirts, can light up in response to music or any noise, or they can light up automatically in different patterns.

Light Up T-shirt Diagram
Light Up Panel (Zoomed)
light panel on a shirt

  • The T-shirt

    Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and specially made to have the sleeve and pocket for the battery pack. We do not use name brand t-shirts. We recommend black t-shirts because the light up design stands out more against the contrast, but you can choose between black and white shirts.

  • The Light Up Panel

    This is the “EL” Panel that is attached to the t-shirt. It is what your design is printed on. When you turn it on it will light up in different animations. The el panels can be attached with velcro or sewn on to the shirts directly. Light up t-shirts with sewn on panels are hand wash only whereas velcro allows you to peel off the panel and wash normally.

  • The Pocket For The Battery Pack

    There is a hidden pocket on the inside bottom left of the light up t-shirt for the battery pack to sit in. It is not too noticeable if you leave it in the pocket but you can also attach it to your belt buckle or put it in your pocket

Inside Out

LED T-shirt Inside Out

  • Connecting Plug

    This is where the battery pack plugs into the panel. Be very careful when you unplug the battery pack and make sure you do not pull on the ribbon cable. You can also plug the connection in the other way and it will light up in the opposite direction

  • Fabric Sleeve

    This sleeve made of soft cotton material covers the thin wire from the battery pack so you don’t feel it on your skin in the light up t-shirt.

  • Battery Pack

    The small battery pack sits in a pocket in the shirt and has a convenient belt clip so you can attach it to your pants or put it in your pocket

How The Shirt Can Light Up

Automatic Flashing

Automatic Flashing T-shirt
  • Automatic battery packs light up in 5 different animated sequences. You can adjust the way the shirt lights up
  • Automatic battery packs use 2 AA batteries and when you the switch to “ON” you can push the big button on the front to change the light up pattern.
  • If you turn the battery pack to “Auto” it will sequence through all the animations automatically.
  • Perfect for trade shows, conferences, night races, or any night time event

Sound Activated

Sound activated shirt
  • Sound activated light up t-shirts will light up in response to music or any sound.
  • Sound Activated battery packs use 2 AAA batteries and have a sound sensitivity dial to adjust when you are in a loud or quiet setting
  • There is an on and off switch so your shirt doesn’t always have to stay on
  • Perfect for concerts, music shows, dance teams, bands, DJ’s, parties much more

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