Fiber Optic LED Masks

Stay safe with washable LED masks that use removable filters

LED Fiber Optic Mask


Stay safe day-to-night with these awesome USB rechargeable LED masks. The masks look completely ordinary when turned off, but simply press the hidden button and the whole mask will light up! The fiber optic LEDs are embedded so that the mask is washable, water-safe, and comes with a removable filter to keep it properly sanitized. Adjustable straps make it extra comfortable. LED masks have 11 different light modes: Choose from 7 different solid LED colors, a blinking option, or 3 color changing patterns.

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In the age of COVID, we have all gotten used to the idea of wearing a mask out. However, none achieve head turning quite like our NEW Fiber Optic LED Masks. The completely unassuming design looks like an ordinary white mask when turned off. But at the click of a very discreet, small battery pack, the entire mask can fully illuminate in 11 different LED modes. Stay safe while making a Flashion Statement at your next event.


  • Eleven lighting modes: 7 Single Color LEDs, 1 Blinking, and 3 Color Changing options
  • USB Rechargeable: Comes with charging cable included to power the tiny battery pack. No need to fuss over batteries!
  • Water-resistant: You can submerge nearly the whole mask underwater for easy cleaning. (Do not get charging port area wet)
  • Removable Filter Included: Mask is paired with a PM 2.5 Five-Layer filter to keep you even more protected.

PLEASE NOTE: One Size Fits Most

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def my fav mask lol

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This LED mask uses fiber optic lighting embedded into the mask material to create an awesome day-to-night look! Powered by a tiny, USB rechargeable battery, our LED mask has 11 different light mode options, in solid LED colors or color changing patterns. Special made with water-safe material, a removable filter, and adjustable straps, this mask is sure to be your go-to for events in a COVID world (or to spice up a Zoom call!).