LED Bracelet Sample

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LED Bracelet Sample


Buy a sample of a laser engraved LED bracelet. We encourage you to test the quality of our products, and gain a better understanding of how they look and work before you customize your own!


Light Up Options * 

How do you want the bracelets to light up?

Choose from 7 different colored LED bracelets (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white) or a color changing option. If using a solid color, you can choose whether you want the bracelet to be sound activated or to flash automatically.
  • Sound activated means the bracelets light up in response to sound, music or motion when you turn it on.
  • Automatic flashing will light up in 3 modes: on, fast blink, slow blink, and off. Press a button to change modes.
  • Color changing will automatically sequence through several different colors.

The samples are engraved with "Flashion Statement". If you create a custom LED bracelet order with us, then you can laser engrave your own logo or message.

The bracelets look clear when turned off. When turned on, the entire band lights up, including the battery.

LED Color Options

Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Color Changing


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