LED Baseball Hat Sample

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LED Baseball Hat Sample


We encourage you to buy a sample of our LED hats before customizing your own design. Both the logo badge and the brim of the hat light up through a discreet battery pack. Choose between 6 different LED colors, or our color changing option. Press the button and watch it light up in 3 different settings.

Using a small hidden battery pack, LED hats will illuminate both the brim of the hat and the silicone patch where we can custom print your logo.  The light up baseball hats use fiber optic LED technology to illuminate in your choice of 7 different colors, or to be completely color changing.
The design is visible when the lighting is turned off, and illuminates at the press of a button. The hidden battery pack is tucked away so that you cannot feel the battery pack while wearing it, and has a simple on/off button you can press easily to activate the LEDs. Press the button once to illuminate the brim and the logo design. Press again to make it blink slowly, and press a third time to blink faster. Press the button again to turn off.
  • Uses 2 CR2032 replaceable batteries (installed in the LED hat)
  • Illuminated design helps you see and be seen in the dark
  • Available in 6 colors: red , yellow, green, blue, white and color changing
The design provided in the sample is the Flashion Statement logo, as pictured above. Contact us for a free mock up to see how your logo would look lighting up on a custom LED baseball hat.

Color Changing, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White


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