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These run very small, we recommend ordering a size or two up from what you normally wear.

Size Length Width
26 inches
18 inches
27 inches
19 inches
28 inches
20 inches
29 inches
21 inches
30 inches
22 inches
31 inches
23 inches
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This sound activated American Flag equalizer t-shirt lights up to sound and music with a flip of a switch. All you have to do is put 2 AAA batteries in the hidden battery pack and when you turn it on the shirt actually lights up along to the music or any sound. This shirts are great for any night time event, concert, party or festival.

Size Chart
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  • 100% Preshrunk cotton fitted t-shirt
  • Convenient 2AAA battery pack (batteries not included)
  • Lights up to the beat of music or to the sound of your voice
  • Small pocket in the shirt for the battery pack
  • Cloth sleeve over plug for extra comfort

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