Sell Light Up T-shirts and Raise Money for Your Cause!

Our fundraiser campaign stores allows you to promote a web store where your supporters can buy your custom light up t-shirts online. You can collect pre-orders on your custom LED design until you reach a specific date or a specific quantity. Our team will set up your fundraising store and a domain name if needed. When your campaign ends, orders placed by your supporters are processed and produced by us, and then shipped directly to your customers. The profits raised by the campaign are then sent to you either via check or PayPal.

Why Set Up A Fundraiser Campaign?

  • You get paid the profits at the end of the campaign
  • Raise awareness for your cause
  • No need to invest in costly inventory
  • Our team of experts set up the store and domain for you
  • Our team handles the payments and the shipment of the products

How Setting Up A Fundraiser Page Works

Step 1.

Submit a fundraiser form

Fill out our fundraising form with specific information about your cause

Step 2.

Create a fundraiser page

Our team will set up your fundraiser page using a unique domain

Step 3.

You promote and sell

Use social media, email, and anything else to promote your fundraiser store and custom items.

Step 4.

We send you the profits

Once your campaign ends we will produce and ship out the shirts individually, and then send you the remaining profits

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Setting up a fundraising store is completely free!
Yes, each design needs a minimum of 30 shirts to print. We recommend a minimum of 50 in order to raise funds.
If you do not meet our minimum order you can always restart the campaign in order to get more sales. If not we will refund everyone who has purchased a shirt.
Once the campaign ends and the shirts ship out to your customers we will send you the profits either through a check or through PayPal, whichever you prefer.
Production begins the business day following your campaign’s end date and takes up to 14 business days plus shipping.
We give you a recommended selling price based on how many you plan on selling. Since our cost depends on order quantity the more you sell the cheaper the cost therefore the more profit you make. We can help you determine a selling price based on your specific circumstances
You will receive email updates throughout the campaign letting you know how much you have raised, and how long until the campaign ends. At the end of the campaign you will receive an email with the total amount raised and how many sales you received.
Yes! You can always restart the campaign for another select time period if you do not have enough sales. We will have to let your customers know that they have the option of waiting or getting a refund.

If you don’t have a design you can pay for our custom design service where we can make you a design from scratch.

Yes! We will send you an animated mock up to show you how the design will light up via email. Once you confirm the animation we will set up the shop page for you.
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